MAKS 2007

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Every two years at the Russian Flight Test Air Base Zhukovsky, near Moscow, there is one of the most interesting aviation and space salon called MAKS. 

Here all major Russian aviation companies and industries show to the public their newest machines with a stunning static and flying display. The 2007 edition of MAKS, stood in the light of a stronger-than-ever national Air- and Space Industry, while western exhibitors were all in just one single hall.  

It all raised the attention to the two newest Russian fighters: the MIG-35, one of the stars of the flying display, and the (static) prototype of the Sukhoi SU-35. 

The famous Russian acrobatic teams "Russian Knights" with SU-27s and the "the Stizhi" with Mig-29s took part in the flying display presenting (in different days) also a wonderful diamond 9 formation flight (5 Su-27s + 4 Mig-29s). The flying display was also graced with the performance of 4 SU-27 from Lipetsk Air Base, Su-30, Su-34, Mig-29OVT, Mig-29K, Yak-30, Tu-334, An-148 and Kamov Helicopters too.

The only western flying participants were an USAF F-15C and the Patrouille de France. 

We want to thank the MAKS 2007 Press Office for their great assistance during our stay at the aviasalon. Here are some pictures from the flying display: 

  Pictures & Report by Simone Ba